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Superheroines unite in this original all-ages indie graphic novel! The Princess Patrol heads out first as a five fairy tale characters(Snow White, Rose Red, Rapunzel, Beauty, and Badura)are reincarnated as modern day magical girls to battle the evil Snow Queen. Grace the Amazing transforms into a magic catgirl to face her destiny. Jesi the Genie has to help her master save a screaming princess from an odious sorcerer. The Tantalizing Tigirl rounds things out as an alien catwoman is raised by a tribe of Amazons, and uses her astounding abilities to fight the crafty Cleocatra and win her true love. Superpowers and supercuteness collide as these wonder women struggle to save the day! Featuring material by Jer Alford, Elisa Boswell, Lucy Fidelis, Willie Jimenez, Serena Paccagani, Charis Taylor, and Sean Taylor. 100 Big Pages!