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Mini-Komix: Mix Tape

$9.99 / On Sale

Mini-Komix mixes together this special collection of some of our best stories in one groovy tape for a road trip! Meet Kitty Honey, average teenager-turned catgirl superhero who becomes an anime icon, and along with her sidekick Neko Kamen take on the conniving Copycat. Also along for the ride are Scene From A Rooftop, Beautiful, Gaijin Hi, How To Snare, Why Disney Princesses Are Never Catgirls, and All Is Forgiven. Plus, further adventures of Jesi the Genie, and T.E.D.: Time Exploration Droid. Featuring material by E. Aedo, Jer Alford, Ericka Baque, Rick Butler, P.T. Cooper, Natalie Eckman, Foxy, Amanda Garman, Isabel Marks, Cody Pickrodt, John Powell, Ashley Rowland, Aimi Tokutake, Beatus Vir, and Adam Wilson. Keep circulating the tapes! 80 Page Giant!